A new digital inflight shopping experience from Airfree

A new digital inflight shopping experience from Airfree

The acceleration of digitalisation onboard is one theme of 2020. One of the new digital onboard options comes from Airfree, an inflight e-commerce solution.

Airfree allows passengers to access a virtually unlimited catalogue of products on their own device. The traveller can buy online while flying or preflight and then collect their shopping at the airport, have it delivered to home or inflight.

The Traditional inflight shop, with cabin crews pushing a trolley with products along the cabin aisle, cannot continue under the current climate. Airfree can integrate with the cabin crew POS system to digitise the traditional onboard shopping experience in all stages of the buyer journey. Here the only contact between crew and passenger is when shopping is delivered to the seat.

Airfree provides a digital platform for airlines. (Airfree)

Airfree also provides alternatives to seat delivery. With agreements with airport retailers in more than 400 international airports worldwide already in place, these retailers can have an order ready for pick-up at the airport just 1 hour after the order is made. Collection can be at a duty-free shop at arrival or departure. Some retailers offer lockers for pick-up, which eliminates all human interaction. In some regions is home delivery is also available as a delivery option.

The use of Airfree also includes digital payments, with the option of paying with personal device even when a transaction is initiated on the seatback screen. It also enables the use of personal devices instead of seatback screens. Airfree has been designed as mobile-first and provides an omnichannel shopping experience across all devices with responsive design.

Lastly, Airfree can substitute the Inflight paper magazines with a digital version and allow airlines to generate ad revenue.

As a digital solution, Airfree helps airlines to overcome some of the challenges brought by Covid-19. Just as important is that it brings a new revenue stream, which can be 15% of the average airline’s profit per passenger (using IATA and official SIA figures as a reference).

For more details on Airfree, visit their website.

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