Sustainable Dining and Rotable Catering Onboard Airlines

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Welcome to our Products in Focus series. These articles will take a look at the latest and most exciting travel catering and onboard service products for airlines and rail operators in a variety of categories. 

Looking at products from across the sector, including food, beverages, packaging and amenity kits, we’ll be focusing on a selection of the many products that WTCE attendees will be able to taste, touch and test at the upcoming event edition. 

Products in Focus: Tableware and Rotables

A rotable catering or dining product is, importantly for airlines with high passenger and service volumes, something that can be repeatedly restored to a working and serviceable condition.

Bamboo Fiber Tableware by twinkle packaging with meal in it

Bamboo Fibre Tableware by Twinkle Packaging Company Limited

Real sustainable products for food service that can replace traditional casseroles using inflight. Twinkle’s bamboo fibre tableware is made from 100% bamboo fibre with some plant starch. The most important point of the products is it can resistant 230℃ 30min in the OVEN!! It can degrade into small piece fibres in the earth within 90 days!

Twinkle Packaging Company Limited

twinkle packaging company logo

Founded in 2012, Twinkle Packaging is one of company committed to eco – friendly packaging materials for catering industry for 10 years. Their products include in-flight and catering industry using products such as aluminum foil sheets and containers, biodegradable & bio-based cutlery pack, biodegradable disposable products, paper wrapping products etc .

See Twinkle Packaging Company Limited’s exhibitor profile

Biodegradable and compostable cutlery by Xiamen AVIO PACK CO, LTD

Discover AVIO PACK’s compostable CPLA cutlery and servicewear as well as their rotable & non-slip tray as well as eco-friendly Bamboo cutlery. Cutlery can be provided in bulk or as a cutlery pack in configurations to suit various requirements. Non-slip trays are available in all standard Atlas sizes. Bespoke products can be designed and supplied if required.


Xiamen AVIO PACK CO.,LTD logo

Aviopack has been at the forefront of the development and manufacturing of sustainable passenger comfort products and catering solutions for over 20 years. Either direct to airline customers or through OEM resell partners.

Based in Xiamen, their experienced multilingual team is equipped to handle any customer query, providing top-notch service. They’re fully ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certified, guaranteeing high-quality products and service.

See Xiamen AVIO PACK CO, LTD’s exhibitor profile

Etihad Airways Armani Casa Meal Serviceware plates and dishes aerial view

Etihad Airways Armani Casa Meal Serviceware by Buzz Products

Buzz Products’ expertise includes sustainable partnerships and products across luxury collaborations for amenity, skincare, sleeper suits, children’s kits and meal servicewear. And their Etihad Airways Armani Casa Meal Serviceware is no exception.

Apparently, the collection has also been designed in line with Ethiad’s “commitment to sustainability” by using materials and designs that reduce equipment weight by up to 10 per cent, resulting in lightweighting and fuel reduction.

Buzz Products

buzz products logo

For over 23 years, Buzz has created products that enrich the journey with brand partnerships that travellers love. Meaningful collaborations combine with creative ingenuity to create products that heighten moments along the journey. Buzz creates products that give back positively to the planet and communities.

See Buzz Products’ exhibitor profile

click tray by clip ltd patented design being held by hands

CLICK-Tray by Clip Ltd

The CLICK-Tray is an innovative tray design by Clip Ltd. The 1/3 size box turns into a 2/3 size tray when opened. Plus, compostable material may be used to produce this click-tray.

Clip Ltd

clip ltd logo

Clip is a creative and design-driven player in the aviation supply industry. They provide smart solutions onboard, specifically designed for each airline.

Clip Ltd want to showcase their ‘best of the best’ award winning products and exhibit new sustainable initiatives across tableware, lifestyle and skincare brands.

See Clip Ltd’s exhibitor profile

ceramic tableware sets by gispol

Tableware by Gispol 

Since 1993, Gispol has been a trusted supplier to many airlines around the world with products being used by millions of passengers every day.   

Every one of their machines is dedicated to shaping perfect products. They are continuously optimised to keep improving and shaping future opportunities. Gispol are passionate about quality and specialise in thermoforming and injection moulding to create ceramic and rotatable service sets and trays, cutlery, packaging and disposable crockery. 

Gispol gispol logo

Gispol. Shaping opportunities in a fast-moving world. To stay ahead of today’s challenges, one needs to look forward and seize opportunities. And Gispol can help you shape them. Gispol manufacture onboard service equipment and provide everything in between. They are full service, from design to deli­very.  

Gispol  develops and produces eco-friendly products in their in Barcarena, Portgual. See how Gispol can help you avoid delays in production and deliveries. 

See Gispol’s exhibitor profile 

sustainable packagin and containers stacked up

Sustainable Dining by Plane Talking Products 

Onboard hospitality is an essential part of any long-haul flight. And PTP can offer everything from 5-star dining in the sky to ‘grab and go’ style convenience food packaging. Working with key stakeholders they help to create the right product to ensure passengers feel well looked after.

At Plane Talking Products, every aspect of the supply chain is considered when sourcing and developing products. They look at materials, production techniques, geography, logistics and disposal – working with key stakeholders along the way to ensure the product works for everyone. They are a proud, early member of The Aviation Sustainability Forum and committed to working with others in our industry to drive the sustainability agenda.

Plane Talking Products plane talking products logo

Products Worth Flying For… Inflight products designed and developed, especially with the passenger in mind. From luxurious textiles to high-quality bone china, cosy fleece blankets to innovative meal service solutions, amenity packs to crew service items and everything in between – Plane Talking Products offer a bespoke service that supports customers in providing a 5* service, lowering costs and helping on the journey to Net Zero.  

See Plane Talking Products’ exhibitor profile

airplane food packaging white background

Rotables & Disposables by Enmak Group 

Enmak Group provide a full range of rotatables and disposables including: 


Cutlery sets, paper cups, napkins, salt/pepper twins, non-slip traymats, cold sandwich bags, oven proof sandwich packs, pizza slice boxes, snack boxes, lunch boxes 


Stainless steel cutlery sets, porcelain meal sets, coffee pots, teapots, glasses, trays, oven gloves, ice tongs, bread baskets

Enmak Group enmak group logo

Originally founded 60 years ago and still loyal to its manufacturing roots with more than 30 years of industry experience, Enmak Group and its subsidiaries offer end-to-end solutions for a whole range of travel comfort items, meal service concepts & products, food & non-food packaging, galley equipment (production & MRO services).

They are also committed to reducing carbon footprint with their recyclable and composite products. 

See Enmak Group’s exhibitor profile


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