Do Airline Passengers Want Healthy & Savoury Snacks Onboard?

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Welcome to our Products in Focus series. These articles will take a look at the latest and most exciting travel catering and onboard service products for airlines and rail operators in a variety of categories. 

Looking at products from across the sector, including food, beverages, packaging and amenity kits, we’ll be focusing on a selection of the many products that WTCE attendees will be able to taste, touch and test at the upcoming event edition.   

Products in Focus: Snacks

1) Snack selections by Intervine

Intervine’s portfolio includes a wide variety of sweet snacks including Dizzilicious, Sun & Swell, UnReal, and Tosi. The range also includes gnawbles, gluten, dairy and nut free chocolate coated bites from Creative Nature.



Intervine is a distribution and food & beverage management company providing the global travel industry with adult beverages, zero-alcoholic beverages, waters and canned drinks, coffee, teas, snacks, pre-cooked proteins & meals, and tableware.  They source products globally and serve in different capacities depending on the client needs: full-service importer, wholesaler, and distributor.

See Intervine’s exhibitor profile

2) Fresh sandwiches by Qizini

Qizini specialise in making fresh sandwiches, wraps, baguettes and rolls whilst working to create innovative and new concepts in food. The company uses sustainable ingredients to reduce their ‘environmental footprint’ and produce sandwiches, wraps and paninis with love. They are then filled  and garnished by hand.

Their product offerings include:

filled Italian paninis (in flavours including: pesto chicken, spicy chicken and Proscuitto. 
pre-prepared meals
sandwiches including hot Foccacia, Croque and Bretzel & Panini’s 

Qizini qizni logo

With over 20 years experience in airline catering Qizini’s specialise in making handmade meals, fresh sandwiches and hot snacks that fit perfectly within airlines’ workflow! The company is always exited to work on new concepts that increase passenger appreciation and (brand) experience.

See Qizini’s exhibitor profile

3) Savoury snacks by AAB-Inflight/Royal Smilde

AAB-Inflight/Royal Smilde provide in-flight sweet and snack solutions. Producers know how to make their products; airlines know exactly what they want. And AAB-Inflight/Royal Smilde bridge the gap between the two.

They match their products to the dimensions of trays and trolleys, ovens and chillers and ensure that everything fits perfectly within the specific airlines’ workflow. They can also customise products to take into account culinary, cultural and religious preferences.

For hot snacks they offer – savoury snacks in various flavours, packed in heatable boxes. Frozen to be reheated in the oven and ready to serve.

For snackboxes they offer – solutions for breakfast, lunch and everything in between.

AAB-Inflight/Royal Smilde aab inflight logo

As a specialist in onboard snack & food concepts, AAB-Inflight deliver products which help airlines distinguish themselves among their passengers.

Alongside cakes and tarts, AAB-inflight supplies bread, savoury snacks and drinks as well as ice and hot snacks such as pizzas and savoury tarts. They match their products to the dimensions of trays and trolleys, ovens and chillers and ensure that everything fits perfectly within the airlines’ workflow. AAB-inflight works continuously to serve their customers effectively with new products that match their flavour preferences but, nevertheless. offer something a little different.

See AAB-Inflight’s exhibitor profile

4) Pulse & Grain Snacks by Grefusa SL

Snatt’s are all about sharing a snackshot of the mediterranean way of life. That is eating a healthy diet and enjoying an active and outdoor lifestyle. Snatt’s are all about sharing a “snackshot” of the Mediterranean way of life. This means eating a healthy, tasty and well balanced diet. Better for you savoury snacks made only with natural ingredients!




GREFUSA is a leading Spanish manufacturer of snacks with a wide range of corn and potato snacks, baked snacks and nuts. Snatt’s are savoury snacks made using authentic Mediterranean recipes… cereals, nuts, seeds, vegetables and herbs; delicious & simple ingredients baked to perfection & never fried. 

See Grefusa’s exhibitor profile

5) Crunchy Corn by LOVE CORN

In life and in snacks, it’s all about finding love in the simple things! LOVE CORN’s Delicious Crunchy Corn snacks are made with simple ingredients, bold flavours, and a perfect crunch. A fan favourite amongst busy adults, always-hungry teens and picky little eaters that makes lunchtimes more exciting, road trips go quicker, the party more fun and life a little bit better, one kernel at a time. LOVE CORN is Vegan, Gluten free and Allergen free, making it the perfect travel snack!



LOVE CORN is delicious crunchy corn that makes lunchtimes more exciting, meetings go quicker and life a little bit better, one kernel at a time. Whole corn kernels simply roasted off the cob and seasoned with the best ingredients to make the ultimate feel good snack. 50% less fat than crisps, high fibre, low sugar, gluten free and vegan. Perfect for on-the-go!

See LOVE CORN’s exhibitor profile

6) Branded offerings by Portfolio Partners

Portfolio Partners work with leading global brands for the supply of confectionary and snacks. Their offering includes products from brands such as:

Joe&Sephs Gourmet Popcorn
Kellogg’s breakfast cereals and snacks
Ribena (250ml carton)
Starbucks (cold coffee can)
Real Handful (trail mix)
Nestle (KitKat)

Portfolio Partners Ltd portfolio partners logo

Acknowledged as one of the world’s leading providers of premium branded food and drink products, Portfolio Partners have over fifteen years’ experience in supplying major airlines with snacks, breakfast treats and refreshing drinks to enhance customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth from ancillary products and services. We have built an unrivaled reputation for effectively representing leading food brands to move successfully into the airline and wider travel industry. Say Hi at stand 1E51

See Portfolio Partners’ exhibitor profile


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