Rail Gourmet at the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo 2019


At the Taste of Travel Theatre, we spoke with Jenny Greenhalgh, NPD Manager/Exec Chef at Rail Gourmet.

Jenny, what have you just been doing up there? 

“We’ve been judging some new breakfast products, products that people want to pitch to put on board various services, which was really nice.”

Where is innovation when it comes to breakfast products in particular? 

“At the moment, it’s all about protein. It seems to be a really big thing. People are wanting to stay full for longer. It seems to be a big trend.”

And you’re also on stage doing some cooking as well, Jenny. Tell me more about that. 

“I’m going to be presenting three dishes from a Pullman service, which is GWR, one of our rail operating companies in London and across the UK, actually. It’s one of the only services left where they still actually cook live on board. Chefs cook steaks, fish etc. live on board.

We’ve got three dishes today and the audience are going to be choosing one for the next menu. We’ve got a duck dish and we’ve got a nice dessert as well.” 

Thank you for joining us Jenny, from Rail Gourmet.

Find out more about the Taste of Travel Theatre at WTCE:

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